Sunday, December 13, 2009

It was warm this morning; too bad it was blowing.

I woke up in lots of time for sunrise this morning. That is not really hard to do this time of year when the sun does not come up until well past 8:00 a.m.
A quick check of the temperature on the computer showed it was a balmy minus one and just a couple of degrees colder outside my window. This is spring or fall weather!
A quick run to the front door. Oh, oh. Yes, it is warm but it is also blowing snow so hard that I can hardly see across the road, let alone have any hope of a beautiful cloud enhanced sunrise. Naturally it is the kind of nasty wet snow that does not invite walking about. Grabbed a few shots and came in.
The weather changed fast after that. It cleared up a bit and it got colder. Much colder. From minus one this morning it is down to minus 16 and supposed to go colder. Mind you the cloudy skies looked impressive.
The colder weather snuck up this year. One day it was relatively mild and the next it was like winter.
I took pictures this morning with a new camera, a Canon EOS 7D that showed up on Friday. It is taking some getting used to.
I like the fact that it uses the same battery as the 5DII, that is handy for travelling and easier to share a common stock of batteries. My idea for buying it was to replace the older 40D. This camera has the same size sensor but more pixels (18 vs. 10 megapixels). It has a new kind of focus system. Ultimately, I hope to use it for hockey and birds because of the cropped sensor (telephoto lenses go further) and if its high ISO performance turns out to be better than the 40D. The 5DII is great but is slow (only 4 frames per second which is sometimes not fast enough for all of the action in a play--the 7D is 8 fps).
My first 7D problem was finding how to turn it on. Not sure why they moved the power switch. I suspect I will like the camera, it has enough new complicated features to keep me busy for a while.
There is not a lot of snow here, yet.
Further south they got a lot of snow. Colin Tytler took an amazing picture of the Northlander in deep snow.

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