Sunday, April 11, 2010

From a different perspective, railcars on the way to Moosonee

About four years ago I was fortunate enough to have a chance to photograph a large number of railcars as they arrived in Moosonee.
These are not much used by railways anymore, they prefer hirail vehicles which are trucks with both track wheels and rubber tired wheels for road use. Hirails are convenient and comfortable compared to small railcars.
Today they are mostly used by enthusiasts and it was a bunch of them who came to Moosonee in 2006.
I posted a lot of pictures and really enjoyed seeing so many of them and meeting some of the people who owed them.
Today I ran into a blog by one of the participants. It was great to see the trip from a different perspective, that of a participant. Grant Bailey was an ONR vice president who took part in the trip. He posted some great video along with his blog. Worth a look.
The railcars had showed up in Moosonee in the evening so I was shooting into the sun when they arrived which did not make the greatest shots possible. I was glad to see somebody else's photography of them along the way north.

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