Monday, November 2, 2009

A haunted place?

During my first years at public school, much of the school yard was not fenced. There were interesting things off one corner, in particular the Old Folks Home. I mean the Old Old Folks Home because the residents had long since moved to Hastings Manor on the other side of town. What was left was a derelict building with a caretaker who would chase students away when they went close to explore. The building looked fascinating, all kinds of nooks and crannies (not that I ever had the guts to go in). I took a picture of it in 66, when I was in high school but it looked as inviting as when I was younger. Not sure how much longer it lasted.

In 1992 I was visiting someone in the hospital and she had another visitor who turned out to be the son of the man who used to run the Old Folks Home. He gave me a post card showing the building in all of its glory. Half of me thinks he was the man who chased the kids away but not sure.

Hastings Manor itself is now gone, replaced by a much fancier facility in the same location.

I called this posting a haunted place because somebody said that she would take me to a haunted building some day and this is the one that came to my mind but I don't think that any of us thought it was haunted, we just knew there was someone there who would chase us away if we went near it.

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