Monday, November 2, 2009

Wandering around under a full moon, again.

The moon was full. The sky, unfortunately, was full of clouds. Went outside anyway with camera and tripod, took along 17-40mm lens and mostly shot at 19mm. The clouds were moving rapidly and I ended up getting a variety of skies ranging from almost empty of clouds to almost covered with clouds. The moon was pretty high so it was a bit like shooting at noon.

I try to stay away from the effects of the street lights but that is not always possible. I got a shot of the public docks where the street light light is dominant in the foreground. It is an ugly and unnatural yellow that I toned down a bit.

To get away from the streetlights I headed over by the baseball diamond and headed for the shoreline. There are some old trees there that often look great in photographs. I was not there long but there was a fair
variety of cloudinesses so I got some different images. The moon is pretty bright compared to anything on the surface so it is hard to work in it unless there are a lot of clouds in front of it.

I stopped off at the mouth of Store Creek on my way back and headed down the path to the water a little ways. Got a shot under cloudy skies that turned out to be very colourful. For some reason there was a lot of red in the clouds at times.

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