Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Old postcard of Bridge Street bridge

I buy postcards on ebay. This is one of the lower bridge (Bridge Street) in Belleville. It was called the lower bridge because there was an upper bridge (Front St) as well. That made sense before there was a bridge on Dundas Street so now you could call it the middle (well one of them since there is also a College Street bridge and soon to be one on Bell Blvd.) or the second bridge.
No idea about the exact date but noted that there is a livery business just across the bridge (where Bell Shirt was later located).
The bridge in the picture is not the bridge that is there now which is a very fine arched concrete bridge.
I noticed an ad for Old Dutch Cleanser on the wall and made an inset view of that. When Old Dutch chips began to be sold here I kept thinking of the cleaning product every time I looked at the chips. To be fair, both of them are fine products, especially the low salt chips.
The postcard shows a view of Belleville that, except for the churches and the walls along the Moira looks very different today. I got a shot of probably similar age of a scene that at first glance could have been taking recently. It shows Bridge Street United and St. Thomas Anglican churches. That postcard is undated but was mailed in 1912. The main clue would be the difference in the roof on St. Thomas which is now partially glass after an arson.

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