Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Much colder, minus 7C, this morning. The sun rises across the river almost straight outside my front door so I often head out to grab a shot. Best time is before sunrise since I can get pictures with lots of colour and with a manageable range of brightness. The sun itself is too bright to photograph unless it has a lot of clouds in front of it. Or rather, any picture with the sun exposed properly is going to be otherwise black. And, I have a fear of pointing eyes and cameras directly at the sun.

Just down the river from where I live are the barge docks. Moosonee Transport Limited uses tugs to haul barges down the Moose River and out into James Bay to bring things to coastal communities such as Fort Albany, Kaschechewan and Attawapiskat as well as those on the Quebec side and even further North into Hudson Bay. A loaded barge was sitting there the past few days and this morning it was down the river heading north. Another docked barge blocked the view at first and by the time it was visible it was pretty far out. Got a couple of unsatisfactory pictures of it, one of those times I wished I had a tall tower or a helicopter or the patience to wait for things such as this further down the river.

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