Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sometimes it pays to live in a small town: H1N1 vaccine delivered well

The problems in vaccinating millions of people across Canada for protection against H1N1 are in the news every day. There are pictures of lineups and accusations of special treatment for bankers, hockey players and clients of private clinics.
When I talk to family and friends down south I realize they have gone to considerable trouble sometimes to get their shots. People miss work and school and spend hours and hours waiting.
Once in a while, I am compelled to say something nice so say something nice I will about the Porcupine Health Unit and its nurses and assistants in Moosonee.
I arrived five minutes before the start of the first H1N1 clinic and was the eighth person vaccinated there. I was out of there in less than half an hour, including the 15 minute wait around and see if you collapse period after I got my shot.
Porcupine Health had three nurses giving out shots. It was not instant because there is a lot of paperwork involved but it sure beat standing in line for hours in Toronto.
What's more, it didn't hurt (great needle skills).
The injection site was tender for a couple of days but I could not say my arm or anything else was sore.
The session was well organized and well delivered. It was the first of ten clinics in Moosonee on different days and in different locations.
It seems that some organizations were not ready for the vaccination program. Porcupine Health was ready or, if they were not, they did an awfully good job of hiding it and getting large numbers of people vaccinated.

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