Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Solving a postcard mystery with another postcard

I have a few old postcards of Belleville, Ontario (and other places). For most of them, it is easy to figure out what area they cover, there are obvious and persistent landmarks that I can pick up. Sometimes I am confused.

One postcard that confused me for a while was called Birds Eye View, Looking Down the bay, Belleville. I thought this must be looking south, towards the Bay (of Quinte). But I could not place it. One building that seemed very distinct was the reddish one with curved window tops in the lower right. It made me think of Belleville's gothic City Hall but, the City Hall has a tower on the street side.

Then I looked at another postcard, Front Street and the Moira River. This one is clearly taken looking north past the intersection of Front  and Bridge streets. And I saw the same building on the right side of the picture. So, now I know the first shot was taken looking away from the Bay, up Front Street towards the north.

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