Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Two things I am curious about about Belleville, Ontario

Two things I wonder about related to Belleville, Ontario...there are a lot more of them....

anybody got any ideas about:

The Trillium 2000 Senior Citizens Centre is on St. Paul Street. It used to be a store called the Houston Company. I remember it as a hardware place. Somebody told me it used to be a train station. Now, that makes less sense to me. I know the train station in Belleville (VIA ex CN) and I remember the CPR (ex joint station with Canadian Northern) station (see picture below from Library and Archives Canada) and I know there was a station on Pinnacle Street but I cannot imagine that this place was a station. Does anyone know anything this or even anything about the Houston Company (something tells me it had a different spelling..Huston?).
2009 December 28th: It was the Houston Company.

The second thing is that I have a memory of a cemetery in the East part of Belleville. Somewhere around Pine Street / MacDonald Avenue, not a big place, just a small graveyard. Have never been able to find when I looked and could not find any record of it being moved. There was no church nearby which seems odd for an old cemetery.
2009 December 28th:  Reading a history of Belleville written in 1943 by Mikel. The author mentions a Catholic cemetery near the Grand Trunk (CN) station that operated until 1904. I wonder when the tombstones were removed from it?

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